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Guided Group Paddles & Adventures

SUP ( Stand-Up Paddleboarding)

Join us for community fun

Beginners SUP Excursion- 2Hr Paddle

This adventure is taken down a few notches to work on paddle techniques and getting you comfortable on the board. We meet at a launch ( Pin Oak Park) This is a safe area where you have plenty of room to work on your paddling.

This is a great class for people that are new to paddleboarding and also for young teens. Once we at the launch we paddle out the bayou and across to the the beach point . Great for SUNSET Paddles !

Bayou SUP Excursion-2hr Paddle

 This Adventure starts at one of our launch locations and explore the bayous of Niceville. Laid back Paddle . All ages welcome

Florida Springs Paddle & Snorkel- 2/2.5 Hr Paddle

This adventure starts at one of the local Springs (Cypress Springs on Holmes Creek, Morrison Springs)where we meet at the launch and from there we go through a safety meeting then paddle towards the springs Springs were we spend the time paddling and snorkeling !


Custom Excursions- 2hr Paddle

Keep you eyes out for these Fun filled adventure! These excursion happen once a month or maybe a few times during the season. We can make these private group excursions also!


The adventure ranges from:

 "SUP with your PUP"

Mommy & ME SUP class

Full Moon Paddle. 

Halloween Paddle

Fun Paddle Races and more.

Destin Bay Paddle 

Brunch Chill & Paddle 


Community Excursion:

SUP-$55 per person

(included, guided tour, sup, leash, pdf w/whistle, paddle)

Kayak-$75 per Person, $95 for Tandem Yak

(included, guided tour, kayak, pdf w/whistle, yak chair, paddle)

$5off Military Discount per person 


BYOY(Bring your own board/yak) $20 per person

You must call to add your name to the rooster.

Reservations CLOSE at 5pm the day before the Paddle  




Find out more on our Facebook page and our Website under Schedule!

You don't want to miss it.

"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever."– Jacques Cousteau

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