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What happens if the weather gets in the way of our scheduled paddleboard adventure or SUP Yoga class? Not a problem! We will make all attempts at rescheduling. If this is not possible, a full refund will be granted. We monitor the weather continually and will make all attempts to contact you on your cell phone if weather prohibits a paddle board launch or causes us to move to a more sheltered venue (i.e. wind). If we need to reschedule due to weather, we will contact you. If we do not contact you, assume your excursion is still on.  If the weather becomes unstable during an excursion, our guides reserve the right (and we have a responsibility) to end the excursion early for safety purposes.  If the excursion was not 100% completed, we can issue a credit for the unused portion.



What is your cancellation policy? We require 24 hours notice to cancel. In that case, we will refund your money 100%. If you don’t give us 24 hours notice, and you are a no show you

we cannot refund the money; but can provide a credit slip for future use.  If you are no show for a second time we can not issue you a rain check and you will lose your credit. It takes a lot of time /money and work to set up for SUP classes and SUP excursions. We only think this is fair .

What if I fall in? On average, less 5 of paddle boarders fall in a season unless done on purpose. (Lets just say it gets hot in South Louisiana) The small percentage of folks who do fall in find it’s not that bad and quite exhilarating. In many Paddleboarding areas, the water is only 2-4 feet deep. Most people just walk or swim over to their board and crawl back on.   If you have paid for a guided excursion, a guide will paddle over to assist if you need help. You’ll have a life vest too!

What if I can’t swim? All participants must know how to swim to paddle board  or kayak with us. If you cannot swim, we’re sorry, but you can NOT go  with us.  This is an insurance requirement.

Do I need experience to paddle board? NO, most of our customers are first timers! We cater to families and beginners and provide a lesson with all guided excursions.  You should, however, be physically able to get to a standing position from your hands and knees and you should not have any balance issues.

When is the best time to go paddle boarding/ recreational kayaking? Normally morning and evening have the least amount of wind. Those are great times for both.

How old must a child be to go paddle boarding? As a guideline, we suggest age 8. However, we’ve had 6 year olds paddle boarding and we’ve had 12 year olds who did not have enough coordination to paddle. Children must understand left from right and they must be able to follow directions such as “paddle right” or “back paddle left”.  We work with parents using common sense and make a decision based on the venue, weather conditions, and amount of PWC traffic on the water and the parent’s knowledge of their child’s abilities. The child must know how to swim and they must have arm strength to pull a paddle through the water. They must also have enough coordination to maneuver the paddle for steering purposes.   Please make sure children are fed and hydrated before bringing them on an excursion.

Can my child ride along with me on my board? That’s a balancing act, and you may not be able to keep up with the rest of the group. We therefore do not allow ride-alongs on guided excursions. ( Only on Mommy & Me's ) Children must wear life vests. No exceptions. Please be advised, if your child falls in, you could become separated from your child if there is wind or current. It is advisable to do this only at a kid friendly venue on a non-windy day; such as our Bay (Grand Isle) which is shallow.

Is there anything I need to do to prepare for my guided  adventure/excursions with y'all ? Yes! Do not over indulge in alcohol the night before. Eat breakfast, then come fully hydrated, and bring a towel and a change of clothes in case you get wet. (You will) Wear sunscreen and shades. We highly suggest safety straps for your sunglasses. (Open waterways take expensive glasses) Some venues are wooded and you may consider bug spray.  Be sure kids are fed and hydrated.

Can I purchase my own paddleboard from y'all? Yes ! I am super excited to say we now have a retail shop ( Calypso Paddle Company; 1420 Lafayette St, Houma, la 70360) We have Surftech, NSP, Cresent and Yoga and Both will be coming in late Fall 2019) We are open to varies brands just let us know.

I have a bad knee or bad back. Can I still go paddle boarding? When in doubt, check with your doctor. All paddle boarders start on their knees so you must be in adequate physical shape to kneel on your knees and then go to a standing position from your hands and knees.  You must also be in good enough physical condition to be able to heave yourself back up on a paddleboard in case you fall off in water over your head.  Use common sense and please know your own physical limitations.

What is the weight limit?  We have boards that will float almost all sizes of paddlers.  Please let us know ahead of time if you have XL or XS riders.

I never practiced yoga before can I come to a SUP Yoga class? Yes! Double yes. More than half of the people that come to SUP Yoga are beginners and never even went into a studio before. We have different levels of SUP Yoga from Intro to Basic to Acroyoga and Partners poses (2 on 1 board) . Every class is adaptable to everyone. Use modification when you need to!

What should I wear to SUP Yoga? First and foremost, check the weather. Depending on how hot or cool it is will help you determine how to best suit up for a SUP Yoga class. You want you outfit to be comfortable yet functional. You’ll be bending and stretching so definitely have clothing that would be wardrobe malfunction proof.Many SUP yogis wear swimwear while practicing. For women, you can wear sporty bikinis or one piece bathing suits. Try to find swimwear that stays on you. We recommend doing few downward facing dogs and bending and twisting in the mirror at home to ensure your comfort and modesty needs are met. Remember to bring extra clothes and towel to change after.For men – board shorts are recommended. Examples: swimwear (sporty swimwear), rash guards, sunglasses and sunblock! 

Where do you do SUP Yoga? We practice SUP Yoga at the Chauvin Pool and also at Crawfish Aquatics at NSU ( Thibodaux) . Dates are listed on the Schedule. Please check Online Booking for current classes and events.


We also have a SUP Yoga / Excursion combo. This will be offered during the summer months only. 

If I have a board can participate in the group excursion? If you have your own board , yes you my attend the group excursion . The fee is $15 per person and you must fill out the wavier form . You must have a coast guard certified  life jacket on the board. This is a requirement. Insurance purposes. All guidelines are to be followed.


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